Sometimes Dreams Do Come True

Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamed of working at a magazine. Teen Vogue, Glamour and Seventeen were my bibles. Stacks back to 2008 lined my bedroom floor until just recently when I decided to do some de-cluttering. Even now, as a 20-year-old woman, my answer to the question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” is “I want to be Anna Wintour.” Not that anyone could replace or even compare to the queen herself, but one can dream, right?

Little did I know that joining Her Campus at Kent State University would lead me on the path to fulfill one of my life long dreams. From a writer, to Senior Editor, to Editor-in-Chief and Campus Correspondent, each role has led me to today: Living in Boston for the summer as a Business Development intern for the one and only, Her Campus Media.

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I’m definitely a planner. I like to know what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen and how it will happen. Two years ago, as a freshman, I never thought joining a club would bring so many amazing friendships and opportunities, let alone allow me to intern at an online magazine in a new city.

This may be cliché, but to those who truly WANT something, your hard work, passion and dedication will bring you success.

I’m here to learn and I’m here to explore.

This past month has been anything short of incredible. Who knew I would ever look forward to my 7:15 a.m. alarm?  Each day at the Her Campus office is something new. From conducting organic brand inclusions (a.k.a. edit mentions) and brand research to completing phone prep and listening in on calls with big name brands in fashion, tech, food, beverage and more. To pulling sales numbers, constructing email templates and working on our intern project, every day brings a new challenge. Every task I complete, no matter how small, truly impacts the interworking of Her Campus Media and our potential partners.

To the average person, sitting in front of a computer all day pulling numbers and researching brands may seem boring, but to a girl who has only imagined what goes on behind-the-scenes at a magazine her whole life this is a dream come true.


Myself, along with some of the other amazing Her Campus interns!

Every day, I sit one desk away from two of Her Campus’ founders, Stephanie and Annie, and I am constantly surrounded by so many motivated, talented young women like myself.

You have to start somewhere, and this is where I begin my journey–Interning at an online magazine, which was founded for women like myself. On top of this, I get to explore a super cool new city and am just waiting to see what comes next. I hope you will join me in my journey!

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