20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years

Twenty years of life has taught me a lot, but nothing at all. No matter your age, you continue to grow and learn new things everyday.

  1. Leaving home for college was one of the best things I’ve ever done.
  2. But, I will never forget my Detroit roots.
  3. Don’t forget to tell your family how much you appreciate them. They are the reason you are where you are today (thank you!)
  4. Exploring a new city never gets old.
  5. And it is okay to explore on your own, it’s even okay to eat out by yourself.
  6. If you work your ass off and fight for what you want, you can achieve anything.
  7. It’s okay to wear sweatpants to a fashion class because you can justify it by saying, “I’m a fashion major, I can do what I want.”
  8. Wearing flats is always a good choice.
  9. There is ALWAYS room for dessert.
  10. It’s okay to lose friends because even better ones may be right around the corner.
  11. It’s so important to find your people and know who will always be there for you.
  12. Find the people who you can go months without speaking to, but when you call them up it’s like nothing has changed.
  13. Be there for your friends and try to give them advice, no matter how bad it may be, just try.
  14. If his goals are to work at a pizza delivery place, he’s not worth your time.
  15. But, you have to get your heart broken at least once to find out what you want in life, even though it sucks, it needs to happen.
  16. Walking up to someone at a conference, handing them your card and saying “I want to intern for you!” could possibly get you the gig, it did for me! (Shout out to the Detroit Garment Group)
  17. But, getting an internship by actually following the typical interview steps is another surefire way to attain success (Shout out to Her Campus Media).
  18. It is so important to be “well-rounded” in your industry. For me, having knowledge of retail, design, business, marketing and media can only benefit my future aspirations.
  19. Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile and truly show someone why you were the right choice for the job.
  20. Don’t be afraid to take risks. This comes in at number 20 because this is something I’ve learned that I still need to work on.

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