See You Later

Leaving Boston feels like a break up, you don’t want it to end but its time for you to move on to the next chapter.

Extraordinary is an understatement for all of the amazing opportunities Her Campus Media has given me.

Saying goodbye see-you-later to both in one day is a lot to take in, but I could not be more grateful for this experience.


The view from my favorite park in the North End.

Boston, you have stolen my heart.

From the Charles to the Harbor, to Cambridge and the Cape each new spot was mesmerizing. I don’t think I could ever get sick of walking these brick-lined streets that are drenched in history. I have always been a city girl at heart and this summer has proved that I can do it, even if it means eating grilled cheese for every meal.

Boston is the mini New York that doesn’t smell and I am forever grateful that I could call it home for the summer, and don’t worry—I will most definitely be back.


The Her Campus interns on National Intern Day!

My summer in Boston would have been nothing without my fellow Her Campus interns. I couldn’t imagine exploring the city with anyone else. We all have such similar passions that there was never a dull moment in or out of the office.

Her Campus, my love continues to grow for you each day.

Working at the Her Campus office was amazing. From the projects to the people, each day was a simple reminder that I truly love this industry and this organization. I never thought that I would be so sad to leave an unpaid internship. Not only did I learn from the Business Development team, I learned about each aspect of the company and how my fellow interns run their chapters.


Shout out to my AMAZING supervisor, Stephanie.

My absolute favorite part of this internship was listening in on calls. Hearing each team member pitch the company to potential clients in their own way re-sparked my Her Campus flame each time.

I was told, “Her Campus is the place for overachievers to show off,” and if that doesn’t describe me, I don’t know what does. No matter where I am—Kent, Boston, Detroit or Italy—I know that Her Campus will always give me something or someone to turn to.

Thank you, Boston. Thank you, Her Campus Media. I wouldn’t take back this experience for the world.

Next stop…Italy.

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