Chianti Wine and Bad Tan Lines

Green rolling hills and vineyards that go on for miles, pictures of Tuscany don’t do it justice. I don’t think I could ever get sick of the views of the Tuscan countryside and I had the perfect outfit to match, of course.

My day was spent walking through wineries, eating, taking photos with the picturesque backdrop, and then more eating. What more could you need in life? Along with the wineries, I got to visit the beautiful medieval town of San Gimignano which is known as the town of fourteen towers as well as the birthplace of gelato (which was delicious).

I discovered that eating a grape straight off the vine is delicious, pecorino cheese (a.k.a. sheep cheese) is amazing and, to me, red wine only starts tasting good after around the fifth glass.

It was the first day of “cooler” weather, and by that I mean it was 80 degrees instead of 100. In honor of this beautiful day I decided to break out my two new Florentine purchases. I paired my Adidas with wide leg crop pants from Zara and a light blue and white striped strapless top from Brandy Melville. The top clearly emphasized my beautiful tan lines from the weekend before, but on the bright side, at least I’m not sunburnt.




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