Fashion Publishing Blog Post 1: About the Blog and Tory Burch Review

My blog located at, is displayed with my name and the phrase “Follow my adventures from Detroit to Florence and everywhere in between.” It is a collection of my experiences interning in Boston and studying abroad in Florence, Italy along with a simple portfolio displaying my writing samples. I am currently in the works of a re-branding where I hope to create a blog with a focus on fashion and food, potentially titled: Polka Dots and Prosecco. With this change I will have a wider target audience, including millennials just starting out in their career with a passion for fashion and food that is curated with a unique voice. As opposed to my current website which targets my family and friends in order to share my experiences. Polka Dots and Prosecco will target the post-grad demographic, mainly women living in a big city or anyone who shares these passions. This meets Yuli Ziv’s definition of a blog because I am bringing value to people through my personal experiences with food and fashion by encouraging them to try new things and step out of their comfort zone.

I am taking inspiration from two of my favorite bloggers—one food and one fashion—and aiming to create the best of both worlds. One Hungry Jew by Rayna Goldberg is everything I wish to achieve from a food-based standpoint. She is funny, relatable and makes me extremely hungry. Simply Audree Kate by Audree Lopez is my fashion blogger inspiration. She isn’t afraid to take fashion risks and is an all-around girlboss when it comes to work in the fashion industry. Both of these blogs place a large emphasis on transparency and relatability which I believe is one of the most important aspects of a blogger. Through keeping up with them on social media, it almost feels like they are friends that I have known for years—and that is what I hope to achieve through Polka Dots and Prosecco.

Fashion and food are both unique forms of art that can complement each other while also holding their own and I plan to provide my audience with a seamless combination of my two biggest passions. The mission of Polka Dots and Prosecco will be, “To share my love of and passion for unique experiences through fashion and food in order to help people answer the never ending questions of: What should I wear? And what should I eat?”

Tory Burch Autumn 2019 Review

Tory Burch goes back to school, not her alma matter of the University of Pennsylvania, but a little more south as scene changes are becoming more predominant when surrounding New York Fashion Week. Burch decided to follow the trend relocating to Black Mountain College in North Carolina, home to creatives that came together to create what modern art is today, said Burch in an interview with WWD. Set against the Blue Ridge Mountains, Burch’s Ready-to-Wear Autumn 2019 line took a twist on traditional collegiate dressing.

Tory Burch is on top when it comes to American designers, and she is the best at her own game: accessories. Burch’s bags, shoes and jewelry never disappoint and the RTW Autumn 2019 show was no exception. My favorite look came down the runway at #23: A black shearling/fur lined leather jacket with metal hardware and shearling details–which I can’t wait to get my hands on. Layered on top of a drop-waist cowl neck ankle length dress that flows with a peek-a-boo pleated bottom displaying a pop of color and pattern. Accessorized with navy flatform high top suede sneakers and an army-esque green tote bag, this look was the perfect blend of the dreaded navy and black combination.

Although flowy, wide-legged silhouettes graced the runway, chunky wool coats with bold metal hardware stole the show. Statement bags and statement earrings shown with a sandal, mule or boot for every occasion. A cozy western collegiate vibe complete with dainty florals, lace, and bold solids compliment the ponchos and high necks with loose fitting tailored pieces to take from the runway to Rockwell Hall. Burch put an emphasis on playing with textures and fabrics and isn’t afraid to mix and match prints to catch the eye. The show has an artful transition from neutral solids to prints and daywear to nightwear displaying versatile pieces that could be interchanged from look to look. Tory Burch’s versatile and fun RTW received an A in my book.

Be sure to bundle up with Burch for Autumn 2019.

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